Wedding Etiquette

Most receptions would begin with a welcome drink and an assortment of canapes. At the reception the usual
line-up waiting to greet the guests is as follows, the bride’s parents, followed by the groom’s parents, then the
bridesmaids and the best man, and lastly the bride and groom.

The line-up ensures that both families have the opportunity to speak to all the guests.

Toasts & Speeches

These would normally take place at the end of the meal.

The following is the usual order of proceedings:

  • Toast to the ‘Bride & Groom’, this is normally proposed by the Bride’s father.
  • Toast to the ‘Bridesmaids’, this is always proposed by the Groom following his response to the first toast.
  • The Best Man would then respond to the Groom’s speech on behalf of the Bridesmaids. He would also read any greetings cards to the guests.
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